Aluminum Wiring Dangers

Aluminum Wiring.

Central NJ Wiring Inspector

It is important to know about aluminum wiring dangers. Call a central NJ wiring inspector if you have any aluminum wiring in your home.

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Aluminum wiring was commonly used in Central NJ homes in the 1960’s and early 1970’s, this was due to an extreme increase in the price of copper. The concerns regarding aluminum wiring were not known at that time.

Today aluminum wiring caries the risk of arcing / and or causing a fire,

If you are concerned that you may have aluminum wiring in your home contact a licensed electrician to examine the wiring in your home.

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Central NJ Mold Inspection

Mold Between Window Panes

Central NJ Mold Inspection

We’ve recently started to see a new issue during home inspections

The issue is Mold Between Window Panes. As we all know, certain types of mold can cause health issues for people. You must call for a central NJ mold inspection if you suspect you have any mold in your home, including your windows.

Mold that is found in between window panes is caused by multiple possibilities. One is that the mold was present during the manufacturing process in a dormant state. Another possibility is that the mold occurs after there is a break in the thermal seal. This issue seems to occur more with inexpensive or cheaply made windows.

Here are some pictures of Mold caught Between Window Panes